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How Partnerships with dealerships bring added benefits

How Partnerships with dealerships bring added benifits

By: Russ Chandler

Most, if not all dealerships have different providers that they work with to ensure things run smoothly. There are tons of useful providers out there for dealerships to leverage — providers for marketing, finance, inventory management, lead generation, website management, and the list goes on. In most cases, dealerships end up paying for these services on a month-to-month basis.

Dealerships will sign up for a specific service, pay a monthly fee, and gain access to a plethora of different tools. Given how comprehensive and beneficial a lot of these services are, they’re obviously worth purchasing.

Monthly subscription services give dealers the ability to plan out their own strategies, as well as observe how their campaigns are performing. They are, in fact, very useful.

Many dealerships aren’t aware that they can do so much more. Because month-to-month contracts worked (and often still do to some capacity), the demand for month-to-month services skyrocketed.

With demand at an all-time high, vendors responded by creating products and services that would still be profitable in a month-to-month format. 

Of course, the problem with this is that now the market is literally filled to the brim with a bunch of “okay” products (that do exactly what they need to do) with few products and services that go above and beyond. This is where partnerships come into play.

Unlike your simple, run-of-the-mill vendor, partnerships allow you (the dealer) to work closely with the folks who are developing and configuring the tools and services you use — often for an extended period of time.

Instead of reaching out to a customer service rep when you have issues, you’re often provided with your own account rep — someone who can personally help you make the most of their products and service in order to ensure success.

Now, let’s be clear: Although annual partnerships are a fantastic way to surpass your dealership’s lofty goals, they won’t make sense for everyone. However, the folks who really could benefit from annual partnerships should take advantage of them.

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