Image by John F. Martin // GM photo

After opening registration in January, General Motors North America Vice President Steve Carlisle said last week that over 800 auto dealers have agreed to utilize GM’s CarBravo platform, which will allow them to list used vehicles of all brands for sale online. 

CarBravo says it has an advantage over other retailers such as Carvana and CarMax, as it will be offering quality lease-end or trade-in vehicles that are in good condition. On the other hand, competitors have found it challenging to find used cars to sell due to the semiconductor chip shortage that has left new car dealerships shorthanded. 

CarBravo’s platform uses GM’s existing technology created with technology firm Tekion as part of GM’s Shop. Click. Drive. The program allows users to complete most of the buying process online but then sends them to a dealer for the last steps of the transaction.  

The Consumer Federation of America has expressed approval of the platform, as it will not be selling any used vehicles that have not had previous safety recalls fixed. 

CarBravo will soon be opening its distribution centers, holding used vehicles and providing them to dealers who register with the platform as needed. The company is reportedly expecting to have 1,200 dealers registered for the platform by the summer and that it will be available for consumers later in the year. 

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