Does “old school” selling still work? – CBT Interview with Steve Stauning

old school

Steve Stauning, CEO/Founder of delivers critical sales, leadership, customer service and general management training in bite-sized nuggets designed to help you and your team reach your potential. What makes Steve one of the most  sought-after leadership speakers and trainers in the U.S. are his free “How To” lessons.

Watch the interview to see what Steve had to say when Joe asked him the following questions:

  • Fed chairwoman Janet Yellon just announced at a press event in Washington that the economy is “doing well”. In the meantime, some industry insiders are predicting a plateau and forecasting red flag. You’re in dealership constantly, does this impact the way dealerships prioritize?
  • We have heard some dealers say this before” ‘training should be done in good times and slow times.” Has the type of training changed due to updates in technology and business practices?
  • People use the term “old school” for sales techniques and processes that are deemed to be outdated. What classifies these techniques as “old school”, what are they and does the industry need to stop using them?
  • If dealerships don’t adapt to the new technology, will they be able to remain profitable in the next five to 10 years?
  • Why is it so difficult for dealers to adapt to certain marketing tactics, for example, social media?