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Revived nameplates are making a comeback, and dealers can benefit

The Acura NSX reappeared for its second limited-production iteration in 2016, and it made waves in the industry, even selling VIN 001 at auction...

Time to Break Your Old School Phone Habits

There are two quick facts about your customers and your dealership: Fact #1: Customers are looking for a faster and better customer experience when they...

Unlock Your Team’s True Potential: Four Ways to Optimize Your Management...

When we think of business development today, one word comes to mind: disruption. From technology to the entrance of a new generation of workers,...
car buying

Simplifying the Car Buying Process

Old habits die hard, but it seems as if in auto retail it's a slow death. Some dealerships still practice certain processes that aren't...

Combine old-school and new-school ways of communicating

While there is a place for phone calls, emails, and texts, sending an old-fashioned, hand-written thank you card to your customers may provide a...
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Does “old school” selling still work? – CBT Interview with Steve...

Steve Stauning, CEO/Founder of delivers critical sales, leadership, customer service and general management training in bite-sized nuggets designed to help you and your team...