OfferLogix partners with Equifax to provide vendors with credit-perfect payments – Aaron Bickart | EVP

OfferLogix has a history of enabling seamless customer experiences with their penny-perfect payments, and now they have a new partnership sure to take things to the next level. Joining Inside Automotive today to tell us all about it is Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of OfferLogix.

Penny-perfect payments are alive and well, says Bickart. But dealers still have to pull FICO scores and pass them to OfferLogix to get different tier information. So, the company partnered with Equifax to provide soft credit pulls and credit-perfect payments. This is the first time in the industry that any payment calculation solution has integrated with a credit bureau.

The leading solution, QualifyLogix, uses the existing OfferLogix API and performs a soft credit pull on any consumer they do business with. Then, the results are passed to OfferLogix, and the FICO score is automatically appended within the API.

No more additional calls. QualifyLogix does the process in milliseconds, and the consumer gets the credit-perfect payment they need.

Without penny-perfect and credit-perfect payments, the customer experience suffers. Consumers today expect to see the exact down payment cost, the exact trade-in value, and precisely what they want to drive out the door with.

Integration wins every time because there are too many calls and correspondences between parties when trying to pull FICO scores. Why not append the score directly in the API? The credit-perfect payments extend across multiple units of inventory and lenders as well.

“The reality is, if you don’t have a frictionless, transparent process, at the end of the day, consumers are not going to do business with you,” says Bickart.

To learn more about OfferLogix, visit, or schedule a demo here.

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