OfferLogix EVP Aaron Bickart on the importance of offering a seamless car buying experience

The OEM doesn't always have the lowest payment.

At the dealership level and more importantly online, consumers want to get to the bottom line and want their payments to be exact. This is where OfferLogix steps in. Their technology calculates and provides price transparency. On today’s show, we’re discussing the importance of a seamless experience. We’re pleased to welcome back Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of OfferLogix.

offerlogixOfferLogix provides penny perfect payments, through a financial calculation with a single quality API. No one rounds up payments anymore. Consumers are looking at it as, how much can I buy or lease this vehicle for, with x amount of money down? Consumers are now more educated. Bickart says we need to make sure we provide consumers with exact payments, exact incentives, and money factors.

Reviews are everything for dealerships today, as well as the customer experience. Dealers not only want to sell a new or used vehicle but they also want to get them back for service. Anytime there is a 1 star or 3.7 average rating on Google, it’s not good for the dealership.

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Bickart says their solution allows the vendor to use multiple banks to figure out the lowest payments. The OEM doesn’t always have the lowest payment. He says a lot of times desk managers don’t know of all the different incentives, banks, or rates. Bickart says their solution allows that gives you the best customer experience with the lowest payment possible and the best backend for the dealership.

Bickart says OfferLogix API is one of the fastest APIs in the industry. They’re the only company based in the U.S. and Canada. They also integrate with all the DMVs for tax titles and licenses to help with state tax fees. Bickart says they are improving on things, every day.

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