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Nissan recalls over one million vehicles across three global markets

Bloomberg reports that Nissan's most recent recall involves five models sold in Japan, Europe, and the US and resolves various technical problems

Japanese automaker Nissan has reportedly issued a global recall of over one million vehicles, including the Note, Kicks, Serena, and Leaf. 

The Nissan LEAF has been the only BEV model the carmaker offers for over a decade. Nissan never really offered a follow-up, at least not until the Ariya SUV went on sale last year, despite its longstanding reputation as one of the first scaled and widely adopted EVs. As Ariya recently outsold the LEAF for a second consecutive quarter, Nissan’s BEV statistics show a guard change.

Additionally, the LEAF’s time is running out and has already seen a peek of a future replacement, especially now that the automaker appears to be investing more heavily in BEVs. However, since 2010, more than 600,000 LEAFs are potentially included in a major recall involving three other Nissan models, totaling 1.38 vehicles.

Bloomberg reports that Nissan’s most recent recall involves five models sold in Japan, Europe, and the US and resolves various technical problems, such as vehicles speeding quickly after stopping cruise control.

The automaker has also reported a problem where a short circuit can make a car’s motors cease working in mid-flight. Thankfully, the company says that no incidents have been reported with these recall-related problems.

Despite these allegations, the LEAF and Kicks—the two affected Nissan vehicles now offered for sale in the US—haven’t yet been the subject of any recalls corresponding to these characteristics in the NHTSA database. The LEAF recall system has not yet been added to Nissan USA’s recall webpage.

If you own a Nissan, you can use this site to determine if the recall applies to your car or call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-888-546-1048.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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