Who needs training first, management or sales people? An Auto Industry Legend will tell you.

Who needs training

Auto Industry Legend Shares His Insight

As a Dealer Principal or GM the objective is to what, get more sales, right. But according to some, most managers aren’t willing to be trained themselves and aren’t willing to train their team either.

And that’s why these managers aren’t cranking out pros in sales, but below average performers, according to Sales Trainer and Management Specialist, Joe Verde.

Who needs training first?

Verde says below average performers are being produced because some dealers and managers learned on their own and believe their salespeople should take it upon themselves to do the same.

Verde also believes some actually think getting better comes from experience. Obviously, that can’t be true, or all experienced sales people would be rock stars in sales.

And most important, Verde says because most managers and dealers never got any “real” training as they moved up, most have no understanding of the real potential they have in sales, or of what skills and processes their salespeople actually need to grow and improve.

So who needs training first, management or the sales department? Verde says dealers and managers have to be first in line mainly because until you know what holds you back, the potential you have to improve, and the exact skills and processes your salespeople need, you can’t implement an effective, ongoing process that will improve sales now, stop turnover and continue growth year after year.