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With the cost of used vehicles steadily rising, it is more important than ever to have accurate VIN-decoded information during the appraisal process. Accessing build data in the OEM Window Sticker ensures a full understanding of the value of each vehicle you add to your inventory, while saving manager and technician time during the inspection process.

OEM build data is also useful in justifying vehicle pricing when faced with objections from car buyers. For example, a window sticker might reveal a $1,500 OEM discount on bundled features. These types of discounts are not always available – meaning if a consumer would have added these features on to the vehicle at purchase, they would have had to pay an extra $1,500. Pointing this out to a car buyer is just one way to build value and justify a vehicle’s price.

Although the layout and design of window stickers across brands may vary, the major parts are typically the same. Along with the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), the OEM Window Sticker contains a wealth of valuable information, including:

  • VIN # & Model Information
  • Standard Equipment
  • Added Features & Pricing
  • Government Safety Ratings
  • Fuel Economy Rating
  • Annual Fuel Costs
  • Fuel Type
  • Delivery Fees
  • Fuel Costs Or Savings Over 5 Years
  • QR Code

window stickerVelocityEngage has one of the largest collections of window stickers available. VelocityEngage users can access the OEM window sticker for each vehicle in stock at no additional cost. Better yet, window stickers are automatically loaded into VelocityEngage digital portfolios displayed on inventory search results pages (SRPs) and vehicle details pages (VDPs), with no need for scanning or uploading on the dealer’s side. VelocityEngage users can quickly and easily access window stickers using a “VIN Inquiry” tool built into the dealer portal.

Displaying window stickers online within each used vehicle listing is a powerful merchandising strategy. Online car shoppers often learn that a vehicle contains more original equipment than they realized after viewing photos and looking at decoded specifications. It also protects the dealer in the event VIN-decoded information is inaccurate and an issue is brought up by the purchaser, post-sale. With VelocityEngage, salespeople and BDC agents can send digital portfolios that contain the OEM Window Sticker via the CRM, email, and text or share across social channels.

One of the greatest benefits of OEM Window Stickers is transparency – on the part of the consumer and the dealer. When car shoppers see window stickers displayed within inventory listings, it creates an environment of trust and transparency. When a used car manager appraises a customer’s car on the lot and quickly comes up with a market value and openly shows the consumer the information with confidence, this level of transparency paves the way for a car deal. Openly displaying and discussing build data on the OEM Window Sticker results in fewer price negotiations and higher resale values.window sticker

With nearly 70% of used vehicle listings online containing inaccurate information, both car buyers and dealers can benefit by having access to the build data contained in OEM Window Stickers. From detailed package level data to OEM discounts to added features and pricing – the window sticker contains all original factory options and MSRP pricing for a vehicle on one single sheet of paper.

To merchandise your used car inventory with OEM Window Stickers, visit and learn about VelocityEngage.

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