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Meet Joe Gillespie, winner of this year’s AWA Vanguard Award

Welcome to another edition of Auto Marketing Now, with host Brian Pasch, founder of PCG Companies and BPE | Pasch Enterprises. Today, Brian is joined by Joe Gillespie, CEO of Dealer eProcess and the recent recipient of the AWA Vanguard Award

The AWA Vanguard Award is given out in recognition of companies that are going above and beyond their peers to innovate, recreate, and reimagine automotive retailing. Dealer eProcess is one of these companies. After being in business for over a decade, the company has evolved considerably over time and continues to separate itself from the competition. Today, DEP offers car dealers a full suite of automotive technology, including websites, digital marketing, digital retailing, DMS Attribution, and much more.

In an age when companies are merging or making acquisitions to cement their staying power, Gillespie says he did not build DEP just to sell it a few years later. From the beginning, DEP built highly scalable products, and the organization consistently updates its codebase. 

Year after year, DEP is one of the most responsive companies when it comes to correcting website issues industry-wide. Gillespie says that DEP accepted that challenge and continues to make positive changes by investing heavily in its development team. Gillespie adds that DEP has been criticized in the past for not investing as much into the sales teams, but the emphasis on development has paid off.

In order to keep evolving, Gillespie says DEP is looking toward integrations to build partnerships with different platforms, increase efficiency, and capture more data.

“At times I feel that without speaking to the dealers direct, I kind of would have lost touch as to what’s really going on the retail floor today,” says Gillespie. “So, that’s the part I enjoy the most.”

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Brian Pasch
Brian Pasch
Founder of PCG Companies and BPE Enterprises, Brian Pasch is a thought leader, effective strategy driver, and industry change agent. In tune with the fast pace of the digital marketing environment, he successfully leads OEMs, dealers/dealer groups, and ad agencies by helping them harness data, eliminate waste, and incorporate efficient marketing tactics.

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