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Market Rebounds: Signs of normalcy as buyers return amidst growing inventory – Joseph Yoon | Edmunds

Affordability has been a major concern for dealers and consumers. In today’s episode of CBT Now, we’ll learn how the market performed in the first quarter, especially in relation to used vehicles. Joining us is Joseph Yoon, Edmunds‘ Consumer Insights Analyst.

Key Takeaways 

1. Joseph Yoon observes a shift in buyer behavior, indicating a return to market normalcy. The “holdout buyers,” previously hesitant due to inflated prices and limited inventory, are now re-entering the market. This resurgence is evident in the age of trade-in vehicles, reflecting buyers’ increased confidence as inventory levels improve.

2. Affordability continues to be a pressing concern for both consumers and dealers. Yoon acknowledges the high prices prevailing in the market but notes a stabilization trend. For instance, the average price of used cars has decreased from its peak of approximately $30,000 to around $27,000. This slight reduction is encouraging more buyers to explore purchasing options.

3. Additionally, Yoon discusses the evolving dynamics of inventory and sales. The availability of new cars has improved, with the average time spent on lots decreasing to 52 days from the pre-pandemic average of 72-75 days. Similarly, used cars maintain a stable 35 days on the lot. These figures indicate a more balanced market, facilitating smoother transactions for buyers and sellers alike.

4. The conversation delves into the impact of interest rates on consumer behavior and economic outlook. Yoon highlights the Federal Reserve’s indication of maintaining flat interest rates, prompting consumers to prioritize monthly payment affordability. This factor heavily influences purchasing decisions and dealership strategies as they navigate a market sensitive to economic fluctuations.

5. Nevertheless, dealerships are strategizing to accommodate buyers in a high-interest rate environment. Yoon emphasizes the importance of dealers ensuring customers qualify for loans, as affordability directly impacts sales. Strategies such as discounts and incentivized interest rates are key tools for attracting and retaining customers amidst economic uncertainties.

"We're starting to see signs that things might be coming back to normal a little bit. Now that inventory is building up, those people are starting to come back into the market." - Joseph Yoon

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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