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Lexus reveals next-gen LF-ZC concept, a luxury EV promising greater range

Lexus claims that LF-ZC will achieve "twice the range" of traditional EVs.

Although Lexus has already launched its first EV, the RZ, the Japanese brand, unveiled its promising LF-ZC concept at the Japan Auto Show

The company’s chief branding officer, Simon Humphries, presented the EV as a “Fusion of physical and digital technology.” The LF-ZC is a strikingly styled concept that sits on an all-new electric architecture. A production-ready model will debut in 2026. 

The LF-ZC, or “Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst,” has a low-hanging roofline that seamlessly connects the hood to the rear. The windshield is long and extends over the heads of the front passengers, providing a wide field of vision. It appears to take some design cues from Toyota’s now aesthetically pleasing Prius in both the front and rear. Also, they are roughly the same length: the Prius measures 181.1 inches, while the LF-ZC measures 187 inches. Additionally, due to next-generation prismatic batteries that are more energy-dense and lighter than current models, Lexus claims that LF-ZC will achieve “twice the range” of traditional EVs.

With the help of a software platform called “Arene OS,” which manages cutting-edge safety features and facilitates over-the-air updates, Lexus is creating an entirely new EV architecture. Additionally, the system controls the extensive multimedia functions accessed on the lengthy infotainment screen, which have been moved to the right for passenger use.

Meanwhile, the driver has their own control screens to the left and right of the steering wheel, an instrument panel, and a heads-up display. Additionally, drivers can turn on an AI-powered “butler” that can answer voice commands, give directions, and modify the drive mode according to the driver’s “mood” and driving habits.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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