Lessons in resilience to help get your dealership through COVID-19 – Joseph Michelli

Joseph Michelli

The pandemic has taught many of us the value of resilience through adversity, especially in business. Joseph Michelli, CEO of The Michelli Experience and New York Times best-selling author is releasing his latest book, Stronger Through Adversity this December just in time for the holidays. He joins us today to share some insight into his latest book.

Michelli has filled his new book with experiences, anecdotes, and resilience-building tools from respected business leaders all over the globe. He dives into all aspects of leading through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic; covering everything from crisis management, company culture, innovation, and more.

When COVID-19 hit the U.S., Michelli was on several task forces with his clients to strategize in areas like customer retention and safety. He recognized that many traditional business principles and leadership techniques just weren’t cutting it during the pandemic.

At that point, Michelli decided to start talking to some business leaders about how they were positioning themselves in order to adapt to this new way of life. 140 business leaders came aboard for his project including Hans Vesper, CEO of Verizon, Michelle Kohls, CEO of Kohl’s, Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, and many more.

In early March during the first phases on the pandemic, Michelli said that business leaders had to navigate a terrain for which they had no map.

He explains, “What [business leaders] had to anchor themselves to were their missions, customers, and employees. That required a different level of listening and putting the plan on hold until they could get through that time together.”

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. began his career as a clinical psychologist and practiced for many years in various different disciplines. He has since focused the majority of his time and resources as an internationally renowned speaker and business consultant. He has also released several best-selling books including The Starbucks Experience, The New Gold Standard, and Driven to Delight.

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