Jonathan Dawson on Quickly Identifying Different Types of Buyers

Jonathan Dawson

Amidst another surge of Coronavirus in the U.S, car sales seem to be rolling along with strong numbers in May, June, and now July. Jonathan Dawson, automotive sales consultant, coach, author, and Founder of Sellchology Sales Training, believes this is due to the psychology of the recession market. When the country enters into an economic downturn, there are still buyers out in the market: the credit-challenged buyers, utilitarian buyers, and the exception buyers.

As the reality of the Coronavirus set in, many of these buyers fall off. The market begins to shift toward pent-up demand buyers called revenge buyers. They then activate the Joneses buyer, the buyer who sees all of their friends and neighbors taking advantage of OEM incentives. That is why there is such a strong expansion right now in sales for the dealers who were prepared. 

“I started talking to my dealers about the importance of changing the way you identify what kind of buyer you have quickly,” says Jonathan. “And then adapting your sales process and approaches to match that customer so you can take advantage of the opportunity that is naturally going to be there.”

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