Joe Verde on talking the talk

talking the talk

Talking the talk or are you actually walking the walk? Joe Verde tells you how to make customers for life.

The average dealership has less than five percent of sales coming from service. And only about 20 percent of new vehicle sales becomes long term service customers. It’s time to start talking the talk.

Do you have ultimate retention at your dealership? This would mean you keep a minimum of 50 percent and preferably 75 percent in your network of departments. Joe Verde says instead of having a goal to retain every customer for life, you should actually develop a clear goal and create a plan of action.

Following that should be an effective process and training for every person at your store. You can’t retain your customers until you retain your sales people.

Track your baseline in sales and service for sales, retention and growth. Set a realistic goal for retention. Then it’s management’s responsibility to sell the goal.

There’s many obvious benefits to ultimate customer retention, but none of it is possible if you don’t remember that retention is a process and not a service coupon.

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