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Jeep to launch $25,000 all-electric model amid industry push for affordable EVs

The introduction of a $25,000 all-electric Jeep could potentially revolutionize the EV market.

Jeep’s plan to introduce a $25,000 all-electric model in the U.S. is not just a standalone move. It’s part of a broader industry-wide effort to make electric vehicles (EVs) more affordable, addressing one of the main barriers to wider EV adoption. This collective push is a testament to the industry’s commitment to a sustainable future.

At a Bernstein Conference in New York, Carlos Tavares reassured the audience about Stellantis‘ commitment to producing cost-effective EVs. He highlighted that Jeep’s upcoming EV would benefit from the company’s extensive experience, as seen in the success of the Citroën e-C3, which sells in Europe for around $21,500.

Tavares’ comments come from U.S. Jeep and other Stellantis brand dealers who have expressed concerns over a lack of budget-friendly electric and gas-powered models.

Moreover, the announcement aligns with a growing recognition among auto executives that high prices hinder EVs’ acceptance. While the average selling price for EVs in the U.S. has ranged from the high-$40,000s to over $60,000, the new Jeep EV aims to offer a more accessible alternative. Currently, the cheapest EV from Stellantis in the U.S. is the Fiat 500e, priced at about $32,500.

In response to market conditions and dealer feedback, Stellantis prioritizes high-profit margins while ramping up EV production. Tavares has indicated that price adjustments in the U.S. will be made gradually as the company reduces costs.

The introduction of a $25,000 all-electric Jeep could potentially revolutionize the EV market, significantly altering the brand’s position in the U.S. Stellantis executives were in New York to unveil an all-electric version of the premium Wagoneer SUV, priced at about $62,000, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to expanding its electric lineup.

EV sales in the U.S. have slowed, and surveys indicate that high prices compared to combustion-engine cars are a key deterrent for consumers. Tesla and Ford have also announced plans to develop more affordable EV models in this competitive landscape.

It is important to note that Stellantis currently offers the Jeep Avenger EV in Europe, with a starting price of approximately $37,800.

Nevertheless, Stellantis continues to work closely with its U.S. dealer network to address pricing and other concerns, aiming to improve its market share and meet consumer demand for more economical vehicles.

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