Thursday, January 20, 2022

I Wish They Could Stay Green Peas Forever!

Salespeople… ahh, they grow up so fast, don’t they? One day they’re young, wide-eyed Green Peas treating every Up like a qualified buyer, selling sixteen out of the gate and hanging on your every word; and the next, they’re a bunch of know-it-all 8-Car Alans standing in the smoking circle complaining about how much your […]
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Steve Stauning
Founder, Steve is the author of Assumptive Selling: The Complete Guide to Selling More Vehicles for More Money to Today’s Connected Customers; as well as a respected automotive industry veteran and founder of pladoogle, LLC – a leading training & consulting firm – and the free sales video training website Prior to his involvement with pladoogle, Steve served in various automotive leadership roles, including as the Asbury Automotive Group’s (NYSE: ABG) director of ecommerce, the director of the Web Solutions division of Reynolds & Reynolds, and as the general manager of Dealer Web Services for Dominion’s Dealer Specialties.

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