How you can influence and impact your organization’s success in 3 simple steps – Bill Berman, leadership expert

We are often influenced by the people and work that surrounds us, at any level. So how can you better influence and impact your organization’s success? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Bill Berman, executive coach, founder of Berman Leadership Development, and author of Influence and Impact: Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs From You The Most

Berman dives right into the conversation, giving the inspiration behind his new book. He has over 15 years of experience in being an executive coach. He said, one of the biggest challenges he dealt with from his clients, was they weren’t doing the job, their managers or colleagues wanted them to do. Berman said, he felt it was his job to help with that.

Berman says it’s important to build influence because you want people on your side to trust, respect and like you. You get those things by doing the right job and doing it the correct way. He shares advice on how you can develop new skills to increase this influence. And the first thing you need to know is what job they need you to do. Then you need to start asking questions to management and colleagues on what they need from you. Learn how to be influential and take other people’s needs into account.

The key question Berman says you have to ask, is can the individual maximize their strengths, preferences, and values in the job and organization they’re working in?

In the book, Berman discuss determining if you are in the right place to have the greatest impact. He says, everyone has their own strengths, values, and preferences and we are most successful when we maximize them. We can build new skills, but we won’t enjoy them or be as challenged as much if they don’t fit in our own categories. 

Berman ends the conversation with three takeaways. He says, in order to have influence or impact in your organization, you need to know who you are, what the organization needs from you, and understand the organizational culture.

You can preorder your copy of Influence and Impact: Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs From You here. The book will be released on June 22, 2021.

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