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How To Use Snapchat In Your Dealership’s Marketing

Snapchat, in the world of social media, is relatively new.  Social media in the automotive retail world is also a relatively new idea.  As much of a bad rap as social media has gotten, every tool can be utilized as a benefit.   

With the millions of users and the mind-bending amount of other statistics social media has, it is no wonder that car dealers are turning to this millennial creation for their future.  

If word of mouth is the most powerful marketing concept, social media is supercharged word of mouth. Snapchat has over 150 million users, meaning it is more popular than Twitter.  That means that the photo-sharing app lends itself to a ton of marketing opportunities for a dealership.


On Snapchat after you take a photo, you have the option to swipe and select a filter on the photo that portrays your location in a fun way.
This can be used to benefit a dealership in a number of ways.  For one, you can create your own GeoFilter, that allows you to customize what is displayed for the user.  The dealership can feature their logo, location, a sale, etc. for customers to use while they visit.

Another way to utilize a custom GeoFilter is have customers take picture with their new car along with the custom filter.  Dealerships who host or attend different public events can also benefit from having their own GeoFilter.  This helps the dealership become more in tune with their local audience.

GeoFilters can be set up to 5,000,000 square feet around your device’s location, so anyone around the area can view your specialized filter. Inside of the GeoFilter, dealerships can feature their address, phone number, logo, event information, and more. In the event of Holidays or even unofficial holiday’s like “Popcorn Day”, dealerships can place fun GeoFilters in their arsenal to help promote a fun face for the dealership.

Car Dealership Stories
Many dealerships, especially exotic automotive dealers, can benefit from a simple Snapchat story. Snapchat stories are essentially a series of photos or videos that are taken and compiled into a “Story”.  Stories are permanently deleted after 24 hours.

In  the automotive retail realm, SnapChat Stories can feature anything from PR events to new inventory.  Whoever manages the SnapChat account for the dealership can be integrated in daily activities, posting content from the service lane to the delivery of a new car. At events that the dealership puts on or attends, the SnapChat story  can serve as an inside look to potential customers.  Enticing every viewer with the latest arrival, a reveal/product launch party, dealership sponsored lunch, etc.  

Simple Interaction
Dealerships can SnapChat individual clients as well.  Using the dealership’s CRM or other customer databases, you can invite individual potential clients to certain events or specials using SnapChat.  

Think of this like FaceBook comments or friends; It is the same concept, just dominantly pictures.  If a customer wants to see a vehicle in more detail, the dealership can SnapChat them a quick photo.

Mobile Coupons
Dealerships can use SnapChat to send out mobile promotions to their follower base. Mobile coupons can include 15% off an oil change, MSRP discount, test-drive incentive and more.  While using a coupon promotion, you have access to analytics that allow you to be able to send more promotional material to potential customers.

Given that social media as a whole is a very new concept for dealerships, you’ll want to make sure you can track all activity on the SnapChat account.  That way, management can know their investment in this world is worth it. Creating performance metrics allows you to see total unique views, total story completions and screenshots.  While SnapChat does not offer extensive metrics like Facebook or Instagram, SnapChat is easily the most accessible.
In social media, SnapChat is the “in-the-moment” option for millennials. The nature of SnapChat means it is easy to use and no where near time consuming. SnapChat is the easiest way to create a buzz around the dealership, which in simple words, is the reason the app should be employed in the dealership.  



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