How to handle and overcome car sales objections with today’s buyers

Shortcuts don't cut it anymore in today's market with today's customers

How do you handle objections in today’s marketplace? Joining us today is Sean Gardner, instructor and sales trainer with the Joe Verde Group to help us understand the different objections we get from today’s car buyers.

The only reason why a customer leaves is because of an objection, says Gardner. He says we need to be able to focus on, work through and close on objections. 80% of all sales are closed after the fifth attempt. Gardner says, if we don’t have any tools in the toolbox to work through these objections, we’re going to miss a lot of sales we could be getting.

He says, he understands there is a market value for vehicles right now but the salesperson has to work with the hand that they are dealt with. Customers get nervous about spending money, even though they’re getting ready to spend it. 75% of salespeople only know and use one close.  The one close, they should not be using is, what’s it going to take to put you behind the wheel today? He says the customer will more likely say, ‘go see what you can do.’ But in today’s market, managers don’t want to just give away vehicles, giving the customer false hope.

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These are the three most common objections for today’s buyers in this market. Gardner says the biggest one is that they just want to think it over. The second most common objection is color equipment. 86% of consumers are flexible on color and equipment. Give customers a second opportunity. Sometimes a question is simply just a question, not an objection. If you don’t have the vehicle available to present or demonstrate, the excitement isn’t there for the customer. Now, the salesperson is forced to close the sale based on price, and you can’t do that anymore. Gardner says, 80% of the decision to buy is made in the presentation demonstration.

The last objection is customer experience. Poor customer experience can affect your closing deal, CSI, and your Google ratings. Gardner says it’s not the salesperson’s fault, it’s the way they were trained. He says shortcuts don’t cut it anymore in today’s market with today’s customers.

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