How to effectively set and achieve your auto retailing goals in 2023

The ultimate goal of marketing teams continues to be to “look back to move forward.”

By now, many of us have goals set for the year ahead, but it’s important to make sure you have a solid strategy to get there. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Meridith Elliot Powell, award-winning business expert, keynote speaker, and best-selling author, to share her tips on dominating your goals in 2023.

Powell believes  this year “is all about strategy.” She focuses on the issue of how teams might best position themselves for success. Powell responds, “Look at your organization’s strategic planning, which, as of 2023, has depleted.” She then provides three recommendations to consider:

  1.  Keep it simple. Keep it short. To do that, concentrate on three to five objectives that will help you work on your company rather than just in it.
  2. Focusing on the action — who is taking ownership is the most effective approach to reaching those goals. “Provide hope with clear action to the team.”
  3. Finally, Powell advises creating a flexible component. Every quarter, create and review a plan to make sure your goals are still clear and attainable.

“There is currently more change occurring outside of our business than inside.” But going forward, success is going to depend on focus and flexibility. It is essential to understand where organizations are headed and what needs to be done to provide that outstanding communication between employees and executives.

Change is never easy, and when it happens, most leaders waste their time on the workers who are categorized as naysayers. Powell says, “pour into those early adaptors rather than pouring into the negative. 80–60% of motivated employees are aware of how their employers are allocating their time, which may have a detrimental effect on them. One negative person might cause the entire organization to shrink.

Powell’s finest piece of advice is to “start right now!” The faster you can get ahead, the better. Focus on the action more than the result by having a vision. To be your best self, Powell advises having a clear vision because “your mind will find what it focuses on.” Be relentless in pursuing your goals, and your mind will find opportunities to achieve them.

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