How Stellantis aims to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in 2023

The ultimate goal of Stellantis' diversity and inclusion strategy is to lead the industry in excellence.

On today’s edition of Inside Automotive, we’re getting an update from Stellantis on their dealer diversity efforts. We’re joined once again by Eric Wong, Stellantis’ Senior Manager of Dealer Market Representation, Diversity, and Technology, and Wadette Bradford, Manager of Dealer Network Diversity and Investments at Stellantis, to discuss where things stand today and their vision going forward. 

Wong claims that the corporations PSA and FCA merged to create Stellantis in 2021. The new company was established with the intent of establishing a more competitive corporation in the market concerning the economy at large in terms of sales volume, technological investments, and future mobility.

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In terms of inclusion efforts, Wong notes, “it’s a culture that transcends throughout the enterprise.” The culture involves the HR supplier, a multicultural market, and overall business diversity. According to Wong, “the business meets regularly to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate to ultimately grow the corporate culture. Bradford adds that the Dealer Diversity Program has helped “211 minority dealers, which accounts for 8% of the entire dealer network.”

The guiding principles are crucial, according to Wong, that “our network of retail partners mirror the community in which they operate.” Every dealership offers an opportunity for every individual entrepreneur to find the right opportunity to attain economic freedom. “Our approach to placement is to work directly with individuals and match them with the appropriate opportunity,” he continues. Putting them in the appropriate size, investments, and geography, for example.

The ultimate goal of Stellantis’ diversity and inclusion strategy is to lead the industry in excellence. Bradford asserts that “we aim to break down double-digit percentages for a network operated by ethnic minority dealers.” Stellantis now has 260 minority dealers, with plans to expand. To grow its brand and accomplish its objectives, Bradford says they want to keep collaborating with partners to assist them to find potentially interested viewers.

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