How one dealer group continues to grow by building employee loyalty

In order to win people over, you talk to them like human beings say Martinez.

On the latest episode of Kain and Co., host David Kain, president of Kain Automotive, sits down with the Platform Director of Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chris Martinez.

Currently, Jackie Cooper has five franchise locations, and just completed their biggest month to date, selling 690 vehicles. Despite the inventory shortages and challenges they’ve experienced, Martinez says the group continues to break records and they’ve been blessed.

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Martinez says one of the most important things is trying to keep the same people in the market. He says sometimes it’s not that easy, when people may have bad habits, been there numerous years, and don’t like change. Martinez took it as a challenge to support the employees there and do all that he could to get better and help himself in the process of growing. They still continue to stay constant.

In order to win people over, you talk to them like human beings says, Martinez. He didn’t come in with a demanding approach, but rather an open mind. As a result of making small adjustments, Martinez felt he gained the employees’ respect. Being in the 20 Group, Martinez says, opens your eyes to the blind spots you’re not currently looking at as well. The old adage is true, you don’t know what you don’t know.

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