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Toyota, Toyoda

Toyota considers altering older vehicles to reach its sustainability goals

To hasten the global transition to sustainable transportation, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda suggested replacing the powertrains of its vehicles already on the road at...

How digital retailing platforms enhance the overall car buying experience

Dealerships need to nail the car buying experience if they want to grow their business and improve retention. However, picking the right strategies that...
Musk Tweet

Lawsuit over Musk tweet from 2018 finally heads to court in...

A court case over a 2018 tweet from Elon Musk finally began in San Francisco, after a judge denied the CEO's request to move...
safety feature

Musk Tweet about self-driving safety feature gets government inquiry

A tweet from CEO Elon Musk discussing a safety feature in self-driving Teslas has caught the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,...
Tesla shares, Tesla discount

Musk to vacate Twitter role as Tesla shares tank 8%

After multiple hits to Tesla share prices, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has confirmed he will resign from his position at the social media platform. On...
Twitter, Tesla

New report says Musk requested Tesla executives work at Twitter

According to information obtained by CNBC, Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk enlisted the help of executives and high-ranking employees across his companies to...

Former FCA CEO Mike Manley to lead AutoNation

The largest dealer group in the United States, AutoNation, has announced a new CEO to succeed Mike Jackson. As of November 1, Mike Manley...

Auto industry leaders ruffle feathers with recent tweets

Elon Musk hasn’t particularly cared about tradition and has often upset those who have enjoyed the control they had on their business environment. Recently,...

As Farley takes helm at Ford, leadership reorganization begins

Effective Oct 1, Jim Farley took the reins as the eleventh CEO of Ford Motor Company with a mission to strengthen Ford’s automotive operations. Focused...

Volvo CEO Makes Bold Prediction for EV Adoption

The price of crude oil has recently hit historically low levels. Manufacturers are offering incredible incentives on new vehicle purchases. And in the United...