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How automotive dealers can have a flourishing business model – Gay Hendricks, best-selling author of ‘The Big Leap’

Everyone is seeking to live life to its fullest potential. However, not everyone has a clear path on how to accomplish this daunting task. Today on CBT News, Gay Hendricks joins host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss how auto dealers and entrepreneurs can take a big step towards accomplishing their dreams by creating a successful business model. Hendricks is the President of The Hendricks Institute and Best-Selling Author of the book, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level. Hendricks has made appearances on OPRAH, CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS, and more.

Hendricks begins the conversation by discussing the inspiration behind writing his book. He says that thought about the book for more than 30 years before he wrote the book. He says there are two key elements that make up the book. The first is a shared belief among everyone that there are limitations to what we can accomplish. Business leaders have to think beyond those limitations to open a plethora of new opportunities. Once people can get beyond their limitations, they arrive at Hendricks’s second concept which is called, “the genius zone.” This is a part of ourselves that has the most contribution and creativity.

“A lot of our work has to do with helping business owners flourish,” says Hendricks. “To flourish, you need to not only have your mind set on straight but to also have your heart set on straight.”

Hendricks says a word he always wants to teach people is “recommitment”. Auto dealers and other business owners always experience failure at some point. At this point, they need to be reminded of the reason they have passion for what they are pursuing and recommit themselves to dedication and perseverance. 

Hendricks concludes the conversation by discussing how business owners have used the challenges of the pandemic to reinvent their business model. The new environment of conducting business involves much more technology, delivery services, and other forms of contactless transactions. Auto dealers must continue to be innovative in their approach to adapt to whatever meets the needs of their customers.

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