Grant Cardone tips to help selling cars to family, friends and neighbors

How many times do you communicate with family members? Maybe mom and dad (a couple of times a week)? Your cousins (maybe you see them at family gatherings)? Maybe your aunt and uncle (they live close enough to you where they could actually come by your dealership to look at vehicles)?

The point is…they know what you do, so when was the last time you brought them a truck to look at or drive at work? Well, national speaker and trainer and New York Times Best-Selling Author Grant Cardone says you don’t need social media to sell to family members…you just need to get in front of them.

Cardone offers these simple steps to make it happen. First of all, get a pen out. Make a list of everyone close to you: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandparents, Friends, Neighbors, etc. Secondly, make a hit list. Put these people on a list to target to close before July 1st. Not just simply calling them…actually closing a deal.

Cardone adds…what if family members say something like “don’t mix family and business.” Well, they’re not paying your bills. Thirdly, pick up the phone. Start making calls to set up times to go see your list. Again, Cardone adds…this is a time to get shiny vehicles in front of them…even if it’s just for fun. Let them know you’re going to be in their neighborhood.

And fourth, when you finally get in front of them, have your prospective hat on, not your sales hat. Find out what they want the next time they buy. Ask questions like: you want bigger or smaller, domestic or import, car or truck? The point of the lists…great salespeople keep their pipelines full and their calendars slammed.