Four Tips for Optimizing End-of-Year Marketing

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It is hard to believe that December is again on the horizon. The holiday and the end-of-year rush is in full swing, and consumers all across the country are in the mood to spend. It is well-known that car buyers have come to expect deals in December. The combination of month-end and end-of-year sales goals makes this evident. However, what if you could help consumers move through the buying process faster? What if you hit or exceeded your goals before December 31st? An optimized end-of-year marketing strategy could help you accomplish this. So, instead of waiting until those last days of the year to get the word out, why not start a bit early in reaching car buyers? Read on for tips to optimize your end-of-year marketing and meet those sales goals media

Keep an Eye on Returning Customers

As we know, car buyers spend 59 percent of their time online researching. At the beginning of the process, many consumers are undecided and are looking to gather as much information as possible. So, keep a close watch on instances where you have customers interacting with you after initial contact. Is a customer calling again to confirm a sale price? Have you seen someone who came in for a test drive come back to look at another car? Be sure you acquire their contact information and reach out to them throughout the month regarding your sales. You never know when they might be ready to make that final decision.

Get the Word Out About Your Promotions as Soon as You Know Them

Adam Armbruster, a Wards Industry Voices Contributor, stated in a recent article that some dealerships are more worried about branding then promoting short-term promotions. Marketing and branding are a vital part of meeting sales goals; however, the buying motivations of consumers vary throughout the year. While consumers may want to pick from a dealership who brands themselves well in June, those same individuals know that December is about sales and promotions. They are likely going to care less about the dealership itself and more about the deals they are offering. So, put all of your energy into running TV and social media ads about your promotions.

Don’t Forget About the Service Department

By this time of year, cold weather impacts a large part of the country. Many customers likely want to ensure they have a vehicle they can depend on as the driving conditions change.  So, don’t forget to highlight your service department in your marketing efforts. Offer deals on oil changes, scheduled maintenance, or coupons for use on any service offerings. Make a point to target new customers as well as those in your contact list who are due for service check-ins. Consumers are in a buying mood during this time of year, so get on their list by giving them a reason to stop by.

Embrace the Holidays on Your Website and Social Media

This season is one of the few times in the year when consumers as a whole are feeling festive and can get behind the overall theme of the holidays. Tie yourself to the holiday season by adding some holiday icons and photos to your website. Also, make a point to share festive photos of your team on social media. Not only does this build trust and familiarity with potential customers, but it also allows you to craft ads with the same theme. Tie your deals and offerings to these holiday moments to reach even more customers. People enjoy this season for a reason, and associating your dealership with it in a unique way can help you stand out.

Final Thoughts

More than any other time in the year, the holiday season primes consumers to enter “buyer mode.” They are open to spending money. However, they are also more likely to search for deals and discounts as well. So, embrace this mindset by sharing your promotions and discounts as soon as possible. Don’t wait until after December 25th to pull in those “on-the-fence” buyers. Start now with targeted social media ads, reaching out to existing customers, and embracing the holiday season in all your marketing efforts. Customers are ready to buy as long as you provide them with a compelling reason.