Five Ways to Figure Out What Social Media Platform is Right for Your Dealership

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When selecting a social media strategy, one of the first significant decisions to make is which platforms you will invest time in. Many make the mistake of thinking they should be on all social media platforms. Focusing on too many without a solid plan for tackling each one will not only yield unfavorable results, but it will be too much of a time commitment for staff to do their best to produce results. When just starting out, selecting two or three social media platforms is the best bet, but which ones should you choose? There are many options out there, but some thoughtful planning can help you decide the best route to go in. Read on for five ways to select the social media platform(s) that are right for your dealership.

Figure Out Where Your Audience Is

Are you servicing a town with an older population who are fans of Facebook, or are you in a community with a lot of high schools where older teens are using Snapchat? The demographics and social media patterns of individuals in your town will help you figure out where to put your resources. It would be a shame to join Twitter or Instagram, only to find out that no one in your community uses these platforms.

Decide How You Want to Come Across

Of course, the end goal is to sell cars and make a profit, but there are various ways of doing this to entice customers. Twitter is an excellent place for thought-leaders, while Instagram is all about the photos. Facebook is a bit more community driven, and Snapchat gives companies a lot more leeway to be fun and innovative. You can have multiple approaches, but knowing the character behind these different platforms helps you decide how they align with your dealership’s mission and reputation.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Again, you should have a plan for how you want to utilize each platform, but some require a bit less maintenance than others. Twitter is fluid in the movement of tweets. It takes seconds to tweet from your phone, or retweet someone else. Verbiage usually is more extended on LinkedIn and Facebook, so it takes a bit longer to create a post that will attract clicks. Instagram requires sleek and professional looking photos, so users have to have the time to create shots that capture attention. Each platform has its quirks, but you have to figure out what you have time for, and how to fit social media into your current marketing process.

What are Your Business Goals?

What are you trying to accomplish in the immediate future? Do you want to increase service and maintenance appointments with customers you have already connected with? Are you attempting to make others aware of your community work and investment in the community? Do you want to target users for car ads specifically? Each platform will allow you to do this differently. The goal is to figure out the one that complements your time-frame and resources in the best way.

What are Your Competitors Using?

This may be one of the most critical questions to help you decide which platforms to use. A great indicator of social media to pursue is taking a look at what competitors are doing. What tactics are they using? Are they increasing engagement among their constituents? This will give you an idea of what is working and the strategy you should craft and adapt to your dealership.

Final Thoughts

A robust social media strategy can boost the marketing efforts of any dealership. However, you have to be aware of the amount of time needed to produce content, engage customers, and turn followers into car buyers. Each platform has its pros and cons, but as long as you are aware of the resources available and the limitations of your staff, then a decision can be made regarding the selection of the best social media platform.


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