Extend Your Sales Circle with These Networking Strategies


The bigger your circle gets, the bigger the sales that come in. On today’s Tip of the Day, Mark Tewart talks about extending the sales circle you have, by including friends, family, current clients, and even missed sales, so that you can provide more opportunities for yourself to succeed.


Mark Tewart: Hi, I’m Mark Tewart, and thanks for joining me on this Sales Tip of the Day, on CBT News. Grow your circle. Go back to Sales 101, and write down and quantify your family, your friends, your social network, your social media network, your current clients, your missed sales, your referrals that you’ve asked for, any ads that you’ve run, any co-promotions and alliances that you may have created, and your positioning.

What I mean by this is, how can you grow your circle? You’re not going to outpace your circle in sales. The bigger your circle gets, the bigger your sales get, and often, we’re not planning out how we’re going to grow each and every segment, every day. Quantify it to qualify it and grow your circle. My best Sales Tip of the Day on CBT News.

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