Dealership culture tends to take the technicians for granted and overlooks many of their efforts, but this isn’t the way to retain mechanics. According to Career Explorer, automotive service technicians rate their happiness with 3 out of 5 stars, placing them near the bottom of all professions, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

These five simple steps will help your technicians feel appreciated, which will help them become more productive, benefitting the entire dealership in the long run.

1. Evaluate Pay Rates

Money might not buy happiness, but it sure helps people feel appreciated. If your technicians are struggling to make ends meet, they will look elsewhere for a better job.

Make sure your pay rates fall in line with the average mechanics salary in your region. You should also evaluate the benefits package to ensure it’s competitive.

Let your team know that you plan to reevaluate pay rates periodically and are happy to reward excellence. You can also give away bonuses or extra vacation to your top performers if your budget allows.

2. Acknowledge Their Efforts

Everyone needs a pat on the back every now and then; your auto techs are no different. It’s important to acknowledge the work that’s being done.

Start by sharing positive reviews from customers with them. If a customer praises the work that has been done, your technician should know it.

You might also send out a monthly newsletter or give out awards to recognize those technicians that go above and beyond.

3. Throw a BBQ for the Staff

When you organize an after-hours event, you get the chance to bring your team and their families together in a no-pressure atmosphere. Not only does this allow your team to interact more personally with one another, but it creates a deeper bond.

This simple form of appreciation allows everyone to relax and have a good time. Sure, work can be stressful, but you are showing your techs that it’s okay to enjoy themselves too.

By including the family, you also create a better home life for your team. Their spouses and children feel like they are a part of the dealership family, further increasing the bond between you and your employee.

4. Give Out Gifts Periodically

It doesn’t need to be someone’s birthday or Christmas to give your team a gift. When your budget allows, give away some gift cards to local restaurants. You can choose some neighboring businesses that will, in turn, support you too.

5. Don’t Forget the Coffee and Donuts

You can brighten anyone’s day with some coffee and donuts. Plus, this gesture doesn’t cost a lot of money. Pick a day of the week where you will bring in breakfast, maybe every Friday. Your efforts will be noticed and paid back to you tenfold.

To help them enjoy that coffee even more, why not give out branded thermoses for Christmas? It will serve as a reminder to your technicians year-round that you are happy to supply the perks for them.

How Can You Be Different From the Competition?

If you want the best technicians in town, you have to work harder than the other dealerships. With a little effort and some more spending room in the budget, your dealership can be the place everyone wants to work at.

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