Corina Diehl on building her auto group, digital retailing, attracting more females into the auto industry

Corina Diehl

In 2007 Corina Diehl experienced the tragic loss of her husband and was left to pick up the pieces and run the business herself. Since then she has grown Diehl Automotive Group into the empire it is today and serves as the President and CEO. She joins us today to talk about the challenges and successes of her business, as well as her plans moving forward.

In this segment, Jim and Corina discuss her journey in the automotive industry including the unique challenges and obstacles that she encountered and still faces as a woman in the industry. The pair also tackle what changes need to be made in the industry to attract and retain more women. Corina also talks about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Diehl Automotive Group including new and used inventory, staffing, and community give back.

Diehl Automotive Group is one of the few woman-owned dealer groups in the country. Corina Diehl purchased Diehl of Robinson in 2012, Diehl VW in 2015, CarRight Automotive in 2016, and Diehl of Grove City in 2017. Now Diehl Automotive owns four locations in western Pennsylvania and one more in the state of Ohio with plans to expand further.

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