Daily Newscast: 2 ways to increase gross profit now | The No.1 pain point found in car buying | J.D. Power Website Evaluation Study



In today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday April 5, 2017:

2 Ways to Increase Gross Profit Right Now from Alan Ram
Industry renowned Automotive Trainer Alan Ram chats with Joe about the opportunity to increase gross profits in your dealership. Hitting volume records is huge right now but are dealers missing the mark on gross? Alan thinks so.
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Why people Dislike Car Buying, and What to do About it
Consumers hate any form of friction, and the No.1 pain point found in many dealerships is the traditional price-negotiation sales model. Companies today need to remove friction, not add to it, by simplifying customers’ lives.
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Delivering Great Content is Key No Matter What Device Consumers Use: J.D. Power Website Evaluation Study
On March 29, 2017, J.D. Power released results from their 2017 U.S. Automotive Website Evaluation Study Cross-Device. Each automotive third-party website has its own individual strengths and weaknesses when delivering content across device platforms. The redesigned study concurrently evaluates automotive third-party websites from two perspectives across multiple platforms (desktop/mobile): overall site function and the importance of various site features to online shoppers.
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