Week In Review: Avoid These 5 Outdated Practices to Gain Your Customer’s Trust | CADA President Tim Jackson on the State of EV Legislation, Trump Tariffs | Tired of Losing Your Top Performers?

CBT News Week In Review for Friday, May 17th, 2019:

Avoid These 5 Outdated Practices to Gain Your Customer’s Trust – Joseph Michelli, NYT Best-Selling Author
Every dealer knows that providing clients with an excellent customer experience is the easiest and fastest way to win their loyalty. And while there are many strategies out there to help you build a great customer experience, there might also be negative habits going on, that you don’t even realize. On today’s show, we welcome back Joseph Michelli, customer service expert and New York Times best-selling author, to talk to us more about identifying and changing the habits that hold your dealership back. Watch Now

newscastCADA President Tim Jackson on the State of EV Legislation, Trump Tariffs, and Summer Sales
Tesla is perhaps the most well known direct to consumer vehicle manufacturer in the US. But now other major manufacturers are looking to sell their EVs without third-party dealerships as well. Colorado is one of the few states currently trying to pass legislation to allow just that. We recently spoke with Tim Jackson, president, and CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association. Tim gave us his perspective on this legislation and what CADA is doing about it. Watch Now

newscastAre You Tired of Losing Your Top Performers? Retain Staff and Lower Turnover Costs With These Practices – Dr. Randy Ross, CEO of Remarkable!
Having a positive company culture is easy to talk about, but difficult to create and maintain. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and only focus on short-term productivity. In this segment, we discussed the importance of having a healthy work culture in the dealership with best-selling author, Dr. Randy Ross, founder and CEO of Remarkable!. Watch Now

newscastWhat an Increased Demand in Used Vehicles Means for Your Dealership’s Wholesale Acquisition Strategy – Patrick Janes, vAuto
It’s no secret to anyone that vehicle affordability issues continue to arise, and that means more customers are looking to purchase used cars. Here to tell us how the increase in used car demand will affect your dealership’s inventory, is Patrick Janes. Patrick is the director of wholesale management solutions and stockwave for vAuto. Watch Now

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