How Transaction Time Can Help Make or Break A Purchase – David Kain | UBER Tech Faults Software for Fatal Accident | AutoMakers Encourage Agreement to Avoid Legal Battle


On today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday, May 9th, 2018:

How Transaction Time Can Help Make or Break A Purchase – David Kain
What is the perfect amount of time to spend on the entire in-store car shopping process? Is there even such a universal number to abide by? According to David Kain, No, but there are some sweet spots you want to keep in mind and he explains what to look for to Jim Fitzpatrick on CBT News. Watch Now

A New Approach To Workforce Training Using A Mobile Game Platform
Joining the CBT News stage at Digital Dealer 24 is Sam Caucci, CEO, and Founder at 1Huddle, who spoke with us about a new and interactive way employees can stay up to date with their workforce training efforts and have fun doing so. Watch Now

A Radical Shake-Up to the Auto Industry: The Blockchain Digital Ledger
The automotive industry is ever-changing and evolving, especially when it comes to technology. An innovation has piqued the interest of car manufacturers, car buyers, and others affiliated with the industry. The topic of blockchain has been coming up more and more in reference to automotive mobility, the car buying process, and data gathering. This advancement could mean massive changes for manufacturers, dealers, and customers. What does the inclusion of blockchain mean for the industry? What are the benefits, and overall impact? Read on for our takeaways. Read More

Keeping Great Employees Engaged
For any company, losing employees you like can be hard to deal with in and of itself, but losing those who are high producers and great contributors to your success can seem almost devastating at times. This is especially true if they have been with you for a while and much of what they do has been taken for granted for some time. Whether it is a top salesperson who sets the mark high every month or a skilled manager who has earned the respect of employees and customers alike, it can be hard to see them go for any reason. Read More


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