How Transaction Time Can Help Make or Break A Purchase – David Kain

David Kain

What is the perfect amount of time to spend on the entire in-store car shopping process? Is there even such a universal number to abide by? According to David Kain, No, but there are some sweet spots you want to keep in mind and he explains what to look for to Jim Fitzpatrick on CBT News.

“The right number is to stay on the left-hand side of the tipping point,” Kain says when we asked him how long a typical in-store transaction should take. A study by Autotrader found that the average consumer at an hour and a half start to tip over and get antsy. So keeping the entire process around that time stamp could be exactly what you need to close a deal.

Consumers seemingly know what they are looking for when purchasing a vehicle before they step on a lot. Because of the time consumers spend beforehand researching both car and cost by engaging in the digital activity, Kain believes that keeping their entire transaction at an hour or so is doable.

Buying experience

Kain admits, at the end of the day, there is no magic number. Some customers want to get in and out as quick as possible where others might want to take their time and not feel rushed or pressured. What it breaks down to is whether or not the customer feels comfortable with the sales team.

David explains that if he walks into a dealership and the vibe is not what he’s expecting he’s not sticking around. The same can apply to consumers. It won’t matter if you promise them a forty-five-minute process if they are not enjoying the experience- somethings wrong. “With consumers doing digital retailing, the deals already laid out. Let’s go ahead facilitate a relationship that builds trust and transparency to improve the gross”.