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How GIADA supports its members | 10 Ways To Inspire Your Team | Is your dealership compliant with texting customers? | Turn Down-Time Into a Digital Savvy Sales Team

On today’s CBT Newscast for Thursday, June 15th, 2017:

Why auto events make sense for industry professionals
Whether you have worked in auto retail a short or long time, you know training is essential in up and down times. Attending local and national events is one vital step to not only rubbing elbows with experts and trainers, but also learning how to stay on top of industry changes. Paul John of the GIADA told CBT’s Jim Fitzpatrick recently that events like the GIADA Convention and Expo are great opportunities to network with some of the best leaders in auto retail. Watch Now

10 Ways To Inspire Your Team
Inspiring employees to optimally perform requires a leader who can see beyond the obvious in people.  Inspiration comes not from something that you turn on and off, but rather from constant behavior – triggered through multiple ways – that makes your employees feel that they matter and that you genuinely care. Read More

Is your dealership compliant with texting customers?
Are you compliant? Many dealership employees contact customers via there own phones. Do you know what your employees are saying to your customers? Is their conversation saved? Are the conversations in accordance with TCPA rules? Do you have written authorization to text them? Find out how to protect your dealership. Read More

Turn Down-Time Into a Digital Savvy Sales Team
It’s Tuesday afternoon. You walk onto the sale floor and the sales team is nowhere to be found. You walk outside and find them in random places, mostly just playing on their phone. How can I make them more engaged? Read More

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