Turn Down-Time Into a Digital Savvy Sales Team

It’s Tuesday afternoon. You walk onto the sale floor and the sales team is nowhere to be found. You walk outside and find them in random places, mostly just playing on their phone.

How can I make them more engaged?

Put them to work! One of the most valuable resources you have as a dealership is the knowledge and energy that you have pacing around the sales floor.

This three part series will show you how to convert wasted down time into sales tools you can use online.

Part 1 – Content Calendar:
Your business needs social content. Sure you can hire one person or company to create generic or automated Facebook posts, but that’s not really how Facebook works. Social content doesn’t speak to consumers if YOU AREN’T SPEAKING TO THEM!

Where do I start?
Well just like the rest of your business, you need a calendar and organization. Start small and pick out 3 or 4 social media sites and create a content calendar so that you have continuous and organized social posts. Come up with 30 internal posts per month. People are used to routines, and your content should engage them routinely. Use your sales team to tell the story of your dealership, it’s personality, and that they are real people too. Designate a few posts per sales teammember and then compare all of the posts over the month with rewards for most engaging posts.

What should I write or record?
A good general rule of thumb is to limit your organic social content to a maximum of 25% promotional posts. This prevents your brand from putting a spammy taste in your followers mouth. Think about what your brand has to offer… besides offers. Explore the personalities in your store, and spend some time on Youtube looking at Trending Content to get ideas.

Stop by next week to continue with Part 2: Video Content.

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