Use The Theory of 5 to Promote Success in Your Dealership – Chris Saraceno | Making Connections in F&I | A Great Beginning Can Influence A Great Year End


[Originally aired on November 5th, 2018]

Today on – Monday, January 14th, 2019:

newscastUse The Theory of 5 to Promote Success in Your Dealership – Chris Saraceno, Kelly Automotive Group
Every dealership is only as strong as their leader and being a good leader means positively adapting to a changing work environment. On today’s show, Jim Fitzpatrick speaks with Chris Saraceno, vice president and partner of Kelly Automotive Group, to discuss how using the Theory of 5 can improve leadership in your dealership today. Watch Now

newscastMaking Connections in F&I – Sell Yourself Before Selling Product
Any salesperson that has enjoyed any degree of success in their market will tell you that one of the things that helps the most is making a connection with their prospect. Being a real person, not just the salesperson who is tasked with taking their money. In F&I it is no different. You have to come across as genuine and someone who is there is help the buyer drive off in the car of their dreams (or at least the car they need right now). Read More

newscastA Great Beginning Can Influence A Great Year End!
If you want to grow your service sales business tomorrow you need to get started thinking about it and taking more action today. Finishing strong this year requires that you have a business plan for growth revenue optimization in place for next year this year. You have to plan, take action and work your way into Intentional Profitability! Get SMART! Read More


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