Use The Theory of 5 to Promote Success in Your Dealership – Chris Saraceno, Kelly Automotive Group

theory of 5

[Originally aired 11/5/2018]

Every dealership is only as strong as their leader and being a good leader means positively adapting to a changing work environment. On today’s show, Jim Fitzpatrick speaks with Chris Saraceno, vice president and partner of Kelly Automotive Group, to discuss how using the Theory of 5 can improve leadership in your dealership today.

So, what will readers take away from your book, the Theory of 5? There are two reasons for the Theory of 5. The first is that you become an average of the five people you spend the most time with. The second is the five key categories of life that promote success, happiness, and prosperity, which are: spirituality, romantic relationships, parenting, health, and financial.theory of 5

Chris has suffered several tragedies in the past couple years of his life. He lost his son and nephew as well as two close friends. His wife also battled cancer, and his parents ended their marriage of 56 years. While this litany would be enough to send anyone into a downward spiral. However, thanks to the encouragement of his peers, Chris decided to share his journey with a wider audience. He figured, there was no better time than now to share the philosophy.

Writing the Theory of 5 was a different kind of therapy that allowed Chris to reflect on his life and express gratitude for all of the people that have supported and mentored him. He feels very fortunate to have had so many people in his life that have made a difference, and affected him for the better. Chris says, “When I really studied the most successful and happiest people out there, I realized it’s the people that are surrounding themselves with other good people.”

If you are someone who is happy, successful, and prosperous, there are other people out there you can help coach. It is important to give back and share the philosophies that have improved your life.

For auto retailers who might be right on the cusp of throwing in the towel, Chris advises being willing to ask for advice from others in the industry. For most people who are questioning if they should continue on in their business or not, just know that the people who are wildly successful went through those periods of hardship as well. It’s not an easy journey otherwise everyone would be doing it, but once you share your own trials and tribulations, perspective will follow.

You can purchase Chris Saraceno’s the Theory of 5 here.