CBT Automotive Newscast for February 3, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, February 3rd, 2020:

Erica DanfordIntegrating Your Online Reputation Strategy into Your Dealership’s Marketing Plan
In the automotive industry, positive consumer reviews are crucial ways dealers can attract new customers. Recent studies have shown, 59% of consumers say dealer reputation is the single most important factor when deciding what dealership to buy from. Joining us today to discuss how dealers can better manage their online reputation, is Erica Danford, Vice President of Managed Services at Dealer.com. Watch Now

Erica Danford10 Ways To Improve the Art of Appointment Setting
Scheduling impacts every area of your service department. The challenge is that many advisors and appointment setters see the appointment process as something to just get through quickly; many advisors will often brag about how they can make an appointment in 30 seconds or less. Making a good impression and getting accurate information is far more important than getting off the phone quickly. Read More

Erica DanfordCustomer Rewards Programs: Do They Work?
The short answer is “yes.” The long answer is “yes, but…” As in, yes, customer rewards programs work, but they often aren’t working up to their potential. This means businesses could be missing out on the rewards that loyalty and incentive programs could bring. There are currently many popular customer rewards systems. Here are some of the most popular… Read More 


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