How to Identify Your Dealership’s Strengths and Weaknesses – Max Zanan | Expect the Jeep Gladiator to be an Auto Retail Power Player | March Signifies a Rocky End to Q1 Auto Sales


Today on – Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019:

newscastHow to Identify Your Dealership’s Strengths and Weaknesses – Max Zanan, Author of “Car Business 101”
On today’s show, we welcome back Max Zanan, automotive retail consultant, and best-selling author of “Perfect Dealership” and “Car Business 101”. In this segment, Max and Jim discuss how to accurately assess your dealership’s strengths and weaknesses. Watch Now

newscastExpect the Jeep Gladiator to be an Auto Retail Power Player
The 2020 Gladiator is looking to be a contender in the latest wave of trucks. Signaling the Gladiator’s premium status is its price tag: while the official prices aren’t out yet, depending on how you outfit it, the company’s building tool shows that some versions could top $50k. That’s not exactly unusual in today’s truck market. Prices for the Chevy Silverado, Ram 1500 Limited and Ford F-150 are also pretty high. The 2020 Gladiator is just one more indicator that companies are setting some large bets on the consumer trend for trucks. Read More

newscastMarch Signifies a Rocky End to 2019’s First Quarter Automotive Sales
March is 2019’s first indicator that the tide is changing regarding automotive sales trends. Marketing research firm, J.D. Power revealed that first-quarter sales for this year would likely be the lowest they have been since 2014. In fact, the entire year may be the first since 2014 to have total automotive sales under 17 million, with an estimated final total of 16.69 million vehicles. March is a significant piece in this first quarter puzzle. Read More


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