Does Your CRM Support a Seamless Online to In-Store Transition?

Digital Retail

There are variations of what a strong digital retail dealership could look like. Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at Elead1one and knowledgeable resource on auto retail, expands on the appeal of digital retailing and how the transition from online shopping to an in-store transaction should be effortless. He also discusses the importance of unique identifiers for your dealership, and how branding should complement everyone including sales associates, your dealership, and the OEMs.

A dealership’s online presence should not be limited to any one department. Having a strong marketing initiative, retail, and social media online channels are growing in popularity and have become a search and recourse standard within the automotive industry. Showcasing your dealership in a thoughtful way increases your margin of online sales and customer retention. Ensuring that your employee’s branding is beneficial to their career is just as important as developing your dealership’s brand. Both should be complementary to each other. As the reach of these profiles grows, so does your audience and their experience.


As the focus on customer experience continues to become an emphasized priority, dealerships are searching for options that will help achieve excellence. In order to have success, you must be prepared. Any dealership that is targeting digital information or retail sales needs to be able to pick up in the showroom where the customer left off online. Allowing a clean and proficient process that does not force the buyer to retrace any steps has proven to be a sought-after dealership trait. Wittenmyer tells CBT News, “We need to be very critical and careful with how we carry out this process in the store”.


After analyzing their programs to see where they could provide better support to customers and dealerships, Elead1one has made improvements to their CRM to help better identify where the customer is on their path to purchase. Upgrades have been their primary focus this year to enhance the Does Your CRM Support a Seamless Online to In-Store Transition?overall customer experience that is not limited to the inside of a dealership. Bill is eager to roll out new and special features to encourage this growth at the upcoming NADA Show.

You can learn more about this and speak with Elead1one at their NADA booth # 3760C.