A recent survey from Consumer Reports revealed that many barriers to EV ownership are beginning to crumble as a result of improvements to the nation’s charging infrastructure, the introduction of more affordable EVs, and developments in battery technology.

Of the 8,027 U.S. adults surveyed, 14% of American drivers say they would lease or buy an electric-only vehicle. If they were to purchase a car today, more than one-third of Americans said they would seriously consider an electric-only vehicle.

While the U.S government implemented a tax break to entice Americans to buy more electric vehicles and switch to low or no-emission vehicles, it has not worked. In fact, the survey found that about half of the consumers did not know that the $7,500 tax break existed. However, 36% of consumers reported they would purchase an EV in the future, indicated that changes were needed in the EV industry to convince them to fully switch from fossil fuels.

This reported data can help EV companies and the government develop solutions to increase the number of people ‘definitely’ interested. As gas prices rise, more people find interest in EVs, which creates a broader opportunity for this growing market.

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