Image by Carlos Delgado // AP Images

Rivian has released its production and sales results for the second quarter and outperformed the two previous quarters. The EV maker increased vehicle production by 72% compared to Q1. Sales amounted to 4,467 units.

Rivian has only manufactured and produced a little less than 7,000 EVs for the entire year and sold 5,694. The company still hopes to sell 25,000 vehicles by the end of 2022.

This significant win has inspired Rivian to ramp up production in hopes of meeting their new yearly goal. As of May 9th, though, the preorders for the R1T/R1S in the US and Canada exceeded 90,000. Interestingly, Rivian also has a back order for 100,000 Amazon trucks and vehicles that have not been met yet. To meet demand, Rivian’s output volume must keep rising toward considerably higher levels. Until the EV maker has enough materials or employees, though, there is no telling when the production will increase again.

Rivian benefits from being the first company to provide an all-electric pickup, but rivals are on the horizon.

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