Vietnamese automaker VinFast will have its first ribbon-cutting ceremony for a retail store in California on July 14. In just five years since its launch, Vietnamese automaker VinFast is at a steady pace to complete 30 brick-and-mortar showrooms in California by the end of the year. Pop-up showrooms will soon ‌showcase new electric vehicles by the company.

So far, VinFast has chosen the following locations because of popularity, interest, and traffic: Santa Monica, San Diego, San Mateo, Corte Madera, Commerce, and Berkeley.

Not only are VinFast’s pop-up events making their way across California, but the automaker has plans to break ground on an EV factory in North Carolina. As the rest of the EV industry struggles to gain electric vehicle parts and raw materials, VinFast is joining the high ranks of EV companies producing their vehicles in the United States, including batteries.

Although this automaker originated in Vietnam, its United States headquarters are in California. The company’s first electric vehicles were sold and distributed in Vietnam at the end of 2021. Now, VinFast is quickly expanding into North American and European EV markets. The up-and-coming EV superpower has plans to completely phase out the production of new gas vehicles and instead will focus on plug-in cars.

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