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UAW extends strike to Stellantis plant, Fisker adjust prices amidst EV price war, DOJ issue subpoena to Tesla

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Sean Gardner joins Inside Automotive to discuss the importance of write-ups and demos and why sales teams are forgetting these crucial steps.2 crucial steps sales teams have forgotten — Sean Gardner | Joe Verde Group
Dealers must regularly audit and improve the skills of their sales teams to ensure that their businesses continue to grow regardless of the market’s overall performance. But, after the retail automotive sector’s relaxed pace during the COVID pandemic, many sales professionals have fallen out of practice and are now prone to wasting valuable time through ineffective tactics. Watch the full segment here

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The UAW president informed members that the union would carry out its strike to demand even better deals despite offering record contracts. 
UAW President Shawn Fain snaps photos with picketers // Image source:

The United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain informed members that the union would carry out its strike to demand even better deals despite all three automakers offering record contracts. On October 20, President Fain stated in his most recent Facebook live speech that the planned compensation increases over the 4.5-year contract began at 9% and currently sit at 23% for all big three automakers.  Read More

Fisker raised and lowered prices on various models as electric vehicle manufacturers adapt to changing market dynamics.
Pictured: Fisker Ocean, Image Source: Fiskerati

Electric vehicle maker Fisker today adjusted prices across its lineup several weeks ahead of the release of its third-quarter report. Prices for some models increased while others decreased. The more expensive Fisker Ocean Extreme now costs $61,499 in the U.S., a decrease of $7,500. Meanwhile, prices for the more budget-friendly Ocean Ultra and Ocean Sport rose by $3,000 and $1,500 to $52,999 and $38,999, respectively. Read More

The U.S. DOJ has issued subpoenas to Tesla as part of the EV maker's ongoing investigation into its autopilot technology, and other claims. 
The interior of a Tesla Model S car

The US Department of Justice has issued subpoenas to Tesla as part of the EV maker’s ongoing investigation into its drive range, autopilot technology, and performance claims. In August, the Wall Street Journal revealed that federal prosecutors were also investigating Tesla’s vehicle performance claims and the company’s use of finances for a secret project. Read More

Fixed operations activity and revenue both declined in September, according to a Cox Automotive analysis of Xtime Metrics.Fixed operations were less busy and less profitable in September, a sudden departure from form in what has otherwise been a triumphant year for the service department. According to Cox Automotive’s Xtime Metrics, service activity declined sharply from August, with both order volume and revenue changing course from their mid-year gains. The number of work requests declined 10.5% month-over-month by the end of September and 4.3% year-over-year. Read More

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AI, with the right information present, can quickly and easily deliver personalized information to both salespeople and customers.How AI can improve your car dealership’s customer experience strategy
Artificial intelligence is on the horizon and can be useful to car dealerships in many ways. While the speed and automation of artificial intelligence can’t do every job at your dealership, software-driven artificial intelligence has some serious strengths you should know about that will make human employees within your business a lot more efficient. Let’s explore the possibilities for artificial intelligence within a car dealership.  Read More

Addressing decision paralysis begins with developing a decision-making framework. This could be as simple as a pros and cons list.Perfect the art of decision-making for dealership management success
Imagine it’s Monday morning. You walk into your dealership, the third cup of coffee in hand, mentally preparing for the week. Suddenly, you’re inundated with urgent emails, a barrage of new sales and customer feedback data, and the team seeking your guidance on a dozen different issues. You’re not even at your desk yet, and already you’re waist-deep in decisions. Read More

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