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ZF plant reaches deal with UAW, Toyota joins NACS, VinFast secures funding

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Evelyn Cardenas, President and CEO of CFADA joins us on Inside Automotive to tell us about the association's EV initiatives.How the CFADA is paving the way for EV adoption – Evelyn Cardenas | Pres. & CEO
As EVs become more prevalent on the roadways, it’s essential for dealerships to understand the opportunities associated with maintenance. Evelyn Cardenas, President and CEO of the Central Florida Automobile Dealers Association, joins us on today’s episode of Inside Automotive to tell us about her association’s EV initiatives. Watch full segment here.

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United Auto Workers members at Alabama's ZF factory reached a deal with company executives on Wednesday, ending a 29-day strike.United Auto Workers members at Alabama’s ZF factory reached a deal with company executives on Wednesday, ending a 29-day strike. On September 20, roughly 190 unionized employees rejected a contract offer from ZF, citing insufficient pay raises and underwhelming benefits improvements, and joined the United Auto Workers strike, then on its fifth day. Read More

Toyota and Lexus have reached a deal with Tesla to make NACS-compatible models, expanding electric vehicle charging accessibility.Toyota and its subsidiary Lexus have signed a deal with Tesla to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS), joining a growing list of major automakers taking action to improve electric vehicle charging accessibility. The NACS was developed by Tesla for its Supercharger network, comprised of more than 12,000 stations across North America. Read More

Pennsylvania-based Stewart companies will sell Apple Automotive to Ciocca Dealership in Southern Pennsylvania, according to Automotive News. In the first quarter of 2024, Pennsylvania-based Stewart Companies will sell Apple Automotive, which is comprised of 10 dealerships, to Ciocca Dealerships in Southern Pennsylvania, according to a new release. CEO Gregg Ciocca stated that the transaction is expected to be finalized on February 15. The Stewart Companies is a family-owned business based in York County, Pennsylvania. Read More

VinFast, founded and primarily controlled by Pham Nhat Vuong, Vietnam's richest man, made an impressive Nasdaq debut in mid-August.In an attempt to finance its international market expansion, American fund Yorkville Advisors has agreed to a share subscription pact of up to $1 billion with Vietnamese EV maker VinFast. VinFast stated in a filing to the U.S. Securities Authority that it “Has the option, but not the obligation, to demand Yorkville to subscribe for up to $1 billion worth of ordinary shares in VinFast at any time” during the agreement’s duration. Read More

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Tapping into your pe­rsonal power for sales unlocks a multitude of benefits that go beyond simply boosting your sales numbers.6 strategies to harness your personal power and increase sales success
In the world of sale­s, a profound understanding of the industry and its products is undeniably crucial. Howe­ver, true advanceme­nt in your sales performance de­pends on unleashing your personal powe­r. This article explores six ke­y strategies and technique­s that can help you tap into your personal power, le­ading to unparalleled success in sale­s. Read More

With the presence of Facebook and Instagram reels and the rise of TikTok, videos are important for short-form video content.Why automotive marketers should leverage short-form video content + 5 practical strategies
In the modern world of marketing, short and long-form video are highly effective ways to communicate your message. With the presence of Facebook and Instagram reels and the rise of TikTok, videos are an important way to communicate with customers in a form they trust and understand. We’ll discuss short-form video content and how you can use it to connect with current and potential future customers. Read More

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