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How the CFADA is paving the way for EV adoption – Evelyn Cardenas | Pres. & CEO

As EVs become more prevalent on the roadways, it’s essential for dealerships to understand the opportunities associated with maintenance. Evelyn Cardenas, President and CEO of the Central Florida Automobile Dealers Association, joins us on today’s episode of Inside Automotive to tell us about her association’s EV initiatives.

In 1929, newly franchised auto dealers established the Central Florida Auto Dealers Association (CFADA) to safeguard and support the automotive industry. Today, the association is the largest non-profit automotive trade association in Central Florida. 

Key Takeaways:

1. “This year, we registered with the state of Florida as the first EV apprenticeship program in the nation,” says Cardenas, highlighting one of CFADA’s greatest initiatives. 

2. The EV apprenticeship works closely with the State Department of Education and Tallahassee’s state capital to educate students looking for a career in the industry.

3. Although Florida lacks the infrastructure necessary for EVs today, CFADA is seeking to plan ahead because if they don’t, they “won’t have the bench strength the state will require when it eventually has enough infrastructure,” says Cardenas. 

4. U.C. Berkley published that by 2025, there will be approximately two million new jobs related to EVs, and Florida will account for 350,000. Additionally, the report highlights that transitioning to all-electric vehicles by 2035 would save Americans $2.7 trillion. 

5. Most Florida dealers are embracing EVs with charging infrastructure and information for customers. However, Cardenas considers that “interest rates, inflation, and declining consumer purchasing power are driving cars on the lots, not a lack of inventory or interest.”

6. Cardenas notes that Q4 may be rough for dealers, but 2024’s Q1 could be the slowdown dealers need to reevaluate their bigger picture. 

“I don’t think EVs will replace ICE vehicles, but I do think that they’ll be in our homes as maybe a second or third vehicle.” – Evelyn Cardenas

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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