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Stellantis unveils ‘game-changing’ Ram Pickup, GM faces scrutiny, Fleet sales take first hit as strike looms

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Stellantis revealed its "Game-changing" Ram 1500 Ramcharger that's equipped with an electric generator and a gas engine.
2025 Ram 1500 | Car and Driver

Stellantis has revealed its “Game-changing” Ram 1500 Ramcharger, equipped with an electric generator and a gas engine, which will be available for sale in late 2024. The truck can run as a zero-emissions EV until its battery dies, at which point an electric onboard generator powered by a 27-gallon, 3.6-liter v6 engine kicks in, to power the vehicle. Read More

CEO Mary Barra said, "Safety remains the top priority as Cruise demonstrates what autonomous vehicles can provide to society."
Cruise Origin | Motor Trends

Following a month-long incident wherein the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) withdrew Cruise’s permits for its autonomous robotaxis and suspended all operations. As a result, CEO Kyle Vogt of Cruise called an all-hands meeting on November 6 to discuss concerns about the safety of Cruise’s autonomous vehicles. Read More

Fleet sales declined year-over-year in October for the first time in 2023 but came in above September's total.In a first for 2023, fleet sales dipped in October due to production halts caused by the United Auto Workers strike, according to Cox Automotive. Fleet sales declined 10.4% from October 2022 to 162,590 units, a rare decrease during a year that has seen the market outpace others in terms of demand. Read More

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Opportunities for stability and growth lie in selling commercial vehicles — a sector known for its consistency and profitability.The untapped well in your own backyard
Today’s auto industry represents a landscape that is at its most unpredictable as it’s ever been. There are a multitude of reasons, such as supply chain disruptions, shifting regulations, and a rocky lending climate, all out of a dealer’s control, yet with great impact on both sales and profit. Maintaining consistent profits is tough enough; looking for stable growth can seem unattainable. Read More

Tips for crafting winter marketing messages that will warm up your sales
The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and it’s a little chillier outside. Your location in the United States might also change your attitude toward the onset of winter. From a dealership perspective, we’ll offer some advice on improving your winter marketing messages.  Read More

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