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Stellantis invests in sodium-ion batteries, Tesla’s market valuation falls, Toyota prepares to boost its global production

Inside Automotive 

Pete MacInnis discusses a recent study on Inside Automotive, revealing consumer demand for more quote information online.Survey finds payment quotes often inaccurate, dealers struggle to meet consumer demands – Pete MacInnis
In the latest episode of Inside Automotive, Pete MacInnis, CEO of eLEND Solutions, joins us to discuss the most recent study conducted by eLEND regarding consumers wanting more car loan information online. Watch the full segment here.

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Stellantis Ventures invests in Tiamat Energy, a French firm says sodium-ion materials have a lower cost than lithium-ion batteries for EVs.Stellantis Ventures has invested in the France-based Tiamat Energy, a technology firm developing sodium-ion electric vehicle batteries. The carmaker claims sodium-ion materials are more abundantly available than lithium-ion batteries, which are generally featured in EVs, so it has a lower cost per kilowatt-hour. Read More

Tesla saw its market valuation drop 12% in the first days of 2024 as clouding sentiments on the electric vehicle market worry investors.Tesla saw its market valuation shed $94 billion over the first two weeks of 2024, marking one of the sharpest share price drops in the electric vehicle company’s history. The number represents 12% of the company’s valuation at the start of the month and is only surpassed by a 14% decline seen in January 2016. Read More

Toyota aims to produce over 10.3 million vehicles globally in 2024, marking the second year the company set a record annual production total
CEO Koji Sato

According to a January 15 report from Nikkei Asia, the world’s largest financial publication, the Japanese automaker Toyota intends to produce over 10.3 million vehicles globally in 2024. This would mark the second consecutive year the company achieved a record annual production total. The report further reveals that Toyota is preparing to increase production in part due to strong hybrid sales. Read More

The Volkswagen Group reported 9.24 million sales throughout 2023 thanks to a strong fourth quarter performance.The Volkswagen Group maintained an impressive recovery pace throughout 2023, ending the year up 11.8% from 2022 in terms of sales across the company’s brand portfolio. The German automaker sold an annual total of 9.24 million units globally, buoyed by a strikingly solid fourth quarter. Read More

For Dealers 

Community engagement is a critical tool for dealers to build rapport with customers that requires a strategic approach.How dealers can build lasting relationships in their communities
In the highly competitive auto retail industry, engaging with communities is not just a trendy phrase; it’s an essential factor for success. Building authentic relationships within your local community can give you a significant edge over competitors and lay the foundation for long-term business growth. Let’s delve into why fostering strong community connections is so vital and discover effective strategies to strengthen them. Read More

Breaking down communication silos between departments in your dealership can lead to increased collaboration, better decision-making, and improved productivity.How to break down communication silos between departments in the dealership
In a dealership, effective communication between departments is crucial for success. However, communication silos can impede collaboration and hinder productivity. By breaking down these barriers, dealerships can foster innovation, improve decision-making, and boost overall performance. In this article, we’ll explore strategies for breaking down communication silos between departments in a dealership. Read More

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